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What are some common fraud alerts for health insurance companies?

Surprisingly enough the most common type of health insurance fraud comes from the health care providers themselves. Insurance fraud is considered to be any dishonest or fraudulent intent to obtain payment from an insurance company or an insured individual. Billions of dollars are lost in fraudulent claims every year. To review reliable and FREE health […]

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How to Avoid Fraudulent Insurance Companies

As the economy worsens, health insurance premiums are rising and people are looking for the best rate health insurance. However, with this increase of people exploring more options for health insurance, there’s been an increase in fraudulent insurance companies as well. There are certain red flags one should look for before signing with a health […]

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Where is an informative health insurance companies guide?

Understanding your health insurance options is beneficial for choosing the plan and insurance company for you or your family. There are several reliable resources designed for helping people become better informed as to how health insurance works and the different types of health insurance that are available. You can also get information about the health […]

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Government Health Insurance Companies

For those without health insurance and who are in need of it, the U.S. government can provide aid. However, becoming qualified is the hardest part of getting government health insurance. According to the Washington Policy Watch, almost half of the U.S. population has government health insurance of some kind. Researching health insurance companies online doesn’t […]

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