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Are there any specialized short term health insurance companies?

Most people think of health insurance coverage as the traditional policies that have deductibles, co-pays, networks, etc. This type of coverage is often available to employees through their work. There are other options for health coverage however. One of these options is short-term health insurance coverage. Are you in need of temporary or short-term health […]

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Where can I get help switching health insurance companies?

Sometimes you need to change health insurance companies due to a change in your situation such as a new job, starting a business or graduating from school. How you do this and what to look for are as important as the new insurance company you select. To search for FREE health insurance rates type your ZIP code […]

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Are there any temporary health insurance companies?

Yes there are, many of them in fact. They provide temporary health insurance coverage to people who need health insurance coverage for a short period, generally from one to six months. They are usually offered by private health insurance companiesand are intended to provide coverage to fill gaps in benefits people may have due to […]

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What are the current top health insurance companies?

When you are looking for a health insurance company, you will want to consider the top companies in the industry. We can measure these companies based on several things. However, the key thing to look at is their financial stability, which gives a good indicator of their ability to pay claims now and in the […]

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