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What is included in comprehensive health insurance?

Unlike other health insurance policies such as high deductible and cancer care supplemental plans, comprehensive health insurance pays for a wide range of medical services and doctor visits. Comprehensive health insurance is coverage for the average person, with or without a family. Compare comprehensive health insurance quotes right on this site! Just type your zip […]

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What is HMO health insurance?

Among the different types of health insurance coverage available, one of the most popular in this country is the HMO plan. HMO stands for “health maintenance organization”; an entity certified under federal standards to provide managed healthcare services to subscribers. HMO plans are remarkably different from what we consider traditional forms of insurance, like auto […]

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What is going on with the national health insurance program?

The Affordable Care Act (the Act) was passed into law on March 23, 2010. It makes fundamental changes to the way Americans will purchase and receive medical services and to the way, those services are delivered. It features comprehensive health insurance reforms that will roll out over the coming decade, however most changes will be […]

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What is coinsurance?

Coinsurance is an insurance policy that splits the cost of your health care bills between you and the insurance company, in essence a cost-sharing arrangement. The rate you pay in premiums for your health insurance will determine the amount that the company pays, and portion in which you are responsible. To find health insurance quotes […]

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What is a health insurance program?

A health insurance program is a state and federal funded health insurance plan provided to low income adults or children who cannot afford health insurance on their own. Each state has its own programs. Some are specifically designed for uninsured children and others are geared for adults or families with low annual incomes and no […]

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What is a copay health insurance policy?

A copay health insurance policy is one where the insured individual pays a specific amount of out-of-pocket expenses for health care services such as: Routine doctor visits Laboratory fees Prescription drugs To find health insurance quotes online, simply type your zip code into the free box on this page to compare rates now! These are generally […]

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What is a common number for a health insurance average? 

The average monthly cost for a health insurance premium depends on many factors, including insurance company, type of coverage, whether it is a single plan or a family plan, if prescription coverage is included and if it includes dental coverage. If you are looking for health insurance rates online, just put your zip code in […]

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What health benefit coverage does my insurance include?

That depends on the type of insurance you have. While there are many health benefits associated with health insurance, it really depends on what you have for coverage and what plan you’ve chosen. This website is useful for researching health insurance quotes. Just enter your ZIP now in the box provided. According to the U.S. […]

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What happens if I am found with no health insurance?

If you like millions of other Americans, lack health insurance coverage, you will be asked to pay cash for needful and necessary: Doctor’s visits Hospital care Prescription drugs Other medical services Emergency treatment for an accident or a brief hospital stay can run into the thousands of dollars, potentially bankrupting those who are uninsured. For […]

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What do I need for Michigan health insurance?

The Michigan Department of Community Health maintains a comprehensive and informative website,providing Michigan residents with the most up-to-date information available on the state’s health insurance laws, programs, and health care providers. For immediate and accurate health insurance quotes, key your zip code into the handy box! The Community Health website provides a wealth of information, […]

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