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Do companies offer long term care health insurance? 

Today, more and more companies are making long term care insurance available. Long term care insurance is no longer just insurance for nursing home care, but is rather to help people live longer, more comfortably, and without draining a lifetime worth of assets. Are shopping for long term care health insurance rates ? Just enter […]

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Can I combine life and health insurance?

You can combine life and health insurance under one policy. These policies are known as combined life insurance. However, you should be very careful of these types of policies. Review the policies carefully to ensure you are not repeating the coverage you already have under your original health insurance policy. Compare health insurance ratesby entering […]

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Can I combine dental and health insurance plans?

Yes, many health insurance companies give you the option to combine both your health insurance and dental insurance into one plan. Having both with one insurance company allows you to maintain consistency with your insurance providers. Are you in the market for dental and health insurance rates? Enter your zip code now to get quotes […]

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Can a health insurance comparison save me money?

It seems obvious to state that yes, comparing health insurance can definitely save you money. You will be able to save money by comparing health insurance policies from different insurance providers, as well as by comparing different health insurance plans from the same provider. Start your comparison of health insurance rates with us by just […]

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Are there any low cost health insurance options?

Thankfully, many low cost health insurance options out there will help you get protection for yourself, as well as any dependents. How low that cost is depends upon how much coverage you want, as well as personal factors such as: Age Gender Marital status Health condition Whether you use tobacco products Compare low cost health […]

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Why would I need supplemental health insurance?

Most health insurance plans only pay a portion of the total cost of health care services you receive leaving you with a bill for the balance. This can sometimes be a substantial amount, and supplemental health insurance can fill in the gap that your savings may not cover. To find health insurance quotes online quickly and […]

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