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Is there such a thing as health insurance fraud?

Health insurance fraud is one of the major problems facing the health care industry in the twenty first century. Many suggest that health insurance fraud is rampant especially within the government based Medicare and Medicaid programs. Enter your zip code now and compare online health insurance rates without obligation! Fraud is more common in larger […]

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What is HMO insurance?

An HMO, by definition, is a health maintenance organization. It is designed to coordinate the delivery of medical services to insured individuals and other covered family members. HMO’s maintain contracts with local health care providers for their services. These providers then become part of the organization’s network. Another name for this type of service is […]

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What companies will offer me student health insurance?

There are many companies that will offer health insurance to students. You have the option of finding insurance from a local agent, online, or even through your college. You can learn more about what companies offer health insurance to students in the following article. Compare online health insurance by entering your zip code into the […]

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How is a health insurance deductible calculated?

A health insurance deductible is calculated and established by the insurance company as they weigh the risk of the insurance policy. The insurance company determines the amount of the premium, co-payments if any, and the deductible that the insured must meet before the company begins paying any additional benefits. Compare online health insurance rates by […]

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Can I buy minimum health insurance?

You can buy minimum health insurance, but you should make an educated decision before doing so. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you do not have the proper insurance coverage, and you are left with a huge bill. Type in your zip code into the free box on this page […]

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What is a health insurance card?

A health insurance card is a valuable wallet size card that contains the information you will need to utilize your health insurance plan effectively. Exactly what is contained on the card will vary by insurance company and plan. However, in any case, this is a piece of information you will want to keep as safe […]

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