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Royal Neighbors Health Insurance Company

This review is for the Royal Neighbors Health Insurance Company. The Royal Neighbors Insurance Company offers several different insurance and financial products to customers all over the United States. Founded in 1895, Royal Neighbors has built a traditional of serving the varied and unique insurance and financial needs of women and their families. Are you […]

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Sparta Health Insurance Company

For this Sparta Health Insurance Company Review we will be looking at Sparta Insurance, what it offers in terms of insurance products and as a company. Sparta stands for Specialty Program and Risk Transfer Alternatives. It is an underwriting company for property and casualty services and products and serves mostly commercial business lines. Although Sparta […]

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Southwest Service Health Insurance

This Southwest Service Health Insurance Review will look at the company known as Southwest Insurance Service. Southwest serves the people in the southwestern part of Minnesota and takes an approach to insurance that is more creative than other insurance companies are. It offers a number of personal and business insurance policies to choose from, although […]

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St Paul Health Insurance Company

In this St Paul Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the parent company of: St Paul Surplus Lines St Paul Mercury St Paul Medical Liability St Paul Guardian St Paul Fire and Marine St Paul Fire & Casualty All of these companies sell insurance under Travelers Insurance, which sells a variety of insurance products to […]

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Texas Health Insurance Pool Company

A review of the Texas Health Insurance Pool Company finds the Texas Health Insurance Pool, a program created by the Texas Legislature in 1989. The Pool wasn’t given funding until 1997, at which time the original program was amended and provided with startup expenses. The Texas Health Insurance Pool only covers a small percentage of […]

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San Antonio Health Insurance Company

San Antonio is a picturesque city in south-west Texas boasting more than 1.3 million inhabitants. It is the seventh largest city in the United States. Famous for its historic Spanish landmarks including the Alamo, and its beautiful river walk, San Antonio is an important convention and conference center and tourist destination. It is also home […]

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Sierra Health Insurance Company

This Sierra Health Insurance review pertains to California-based Sierra Health and Life, an insurance company established in 1906 and acquired by Sierra Health Services in the mid-1980s. The company is part of the United Healthcare Services family of companies. United Healthcare is one of America’s top five national health insurance carriers. Sierra Health and Life […]

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Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania

A review of Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania finds an insurance company that has recently undergone ownership changes due to recent problems. Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, which is also known as SHIP, was part of Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company before November 2008. Find health insurance rates from providers in your area […]

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San Francisco Health Insurance Company

San Francisco, city of fog and light, nestled on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, is known by many names and for many reasons. A smallish city of only 800,000 souls, San Francisco is a Mecca for travelers and tourists. Its own citizens never tire of the beauty and diversity of the city’s neighborhoods. […]

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S.USA Health Insurance Company Inc.

The review is for the S.USA Health Insurance Company Inc. Known as the S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. is part of the SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc. SBLI Mutual Life Insurance Company provides life insurance products to individuals and families in the United States. However, neither S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. nor the […]

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