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Equity Mutual Health Insurance Company

While there are a whole bunch of health insurance mutual funds that are part of the “Equity Healthcare Mutual” sector if you are looking for an investment, there is no health insurance company named “Equity Mutual Health.” There is also a health insurance company named “Mutual Health Ltd.” in the United Kingdom, but they do […]

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Equitable Health Insurance Company

While there is no such company as Equitable Health Insurance, you may be looking for Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company. Equitable, as it is also known, does not offer general health insurance coverage, but does supplemental health insurance such as Medicare Supplements, insurance for short-term nursing home stays, and CancerCare+. Get prices for healthcare […]

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Epic Health Insurance Company

EPIC is not really a health insurance company, although we can understand why you would be confused. EPIC actually stands for Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage. It is a secondary insurance plan for seniors in New York State that is meant to help them pay for prescriptions. Looking for health insurance? Get online health insurance quotes […]

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Enterprise Health Insurance Company

Enterprise Insurance Company was part of the Mission Insurance Company out of the state of California. The Mission Insurance Companies were forced into liquidation on February 24, 1987, after the court ordered conservation in 1985. The rehabilitation effort was unfortunately unsuccessful, and Enterprise Insurance was completely closed as of December 17, 2004. Compare health insurance […]

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Endurance Health Insurance Company

Endurance Health Insurance Corporation of America is a worldwide company, which specializes in insurance and reinsurance with offices in the United States, Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Zurich, and Switzerland. The company began in 2001 and has been quite successful with over $8.4 billion in assets and $2.4 billion in shareholder equity. Compare health insurance […]

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