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American Bankers Health Insurance Company

American Bankers Insurance Company (ABIC) does not have “Health” in its company name, and it no longer sells health or life insurance. Miami, Florida-based American Bankers Insurance Company was started in 1947, and in 1980 became a part of holding group American Bankers Insurance Group, Inc. (ABIG) along with American Bankers Life Assurance Company (ABLAC). […]

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Ability Health Insurance Company

If you’re looking for Ability Health Insurance Company, get ready for a surprise, there is no such company! That’s right, Ability is a health services company rather than a health insurance company. Essentially, this means they are more like a hospital or doctor’s office rather than a health insurance company. Enter your zip code for […]

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ABBA Health Insurance Company

ABBA, which stands for America’s Business Benefit Association, is a company that provides benefit plans and health insurance to individuals and self-employed people around the country. ABBA is not an insurance provider, but is a broker for these products. They simply have worked with specific health insurance companies to provide specific plan types unique to […]

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