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Axis Health Insurance Company

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Axis Health Insurance is health insurance specifically for individuals with disabilities. It is a coordination organization that began in 1997 by two different organizations that saw a need for such a service. The first organization is Courage Center, which is a Minneapolis, Minnesota nonprofit rehabilitation center. The second organization is Kenny Rehabilitative Institute, which is a rehabilitation center that was established in 1942.

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Axis works with the individual who is suffering from a disability and their providers to coordinate the best care to obtain the best results. Physical, social, and psychological needs can all be worked on in various forms of therapy provided by Axis.

Establishment of Axis

Axis was established because of the changes in the healthcare system. The managed care transition did not meet the needs for individuals with long-term or permanent disabilities. The managed care system only works for those with short-term or temporary conditions.

Axis Services

The service at Axis begins with a coordinator who assesses the needs of the individual. Once the assessment is complete, a plan is drawn up to best meet the individual’s needs. A nurse is also available day or night to answer any questions the patient or patient’s family member may have regarding the patient.

The coordinator handles many different aspects of healthcare. Acute care, mental health, transportation services, home health care, home delivery of meals, and chore services are all part of the aspects of health care Axis handles. In addition to these services, Axis coordinators assist in housing, vocational, educational, and social service needs of the patient. Preventive care, referrals, and scheduling appointments are all part of the services covered under the Axis system.

By providing these services, the patients experience better healthcare, shorter hospital stays, shorter nursing home stays, fewer emergency room visits, and proper distribution of medical supplies and equipment.

Axis Policyholders

Axis policyholders must meet certain qualifications. First, they can be eligible through Medica AccessAbility Solutions, which means you live in one of eleven counties in Minnesota. You must be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration or State Medical Review Team. You must also be between 18 and 65 years of age, and be eligible for Medicare A or B.

Private pay policyholders are also eligible for coverage. Call (651) 556-0887 for a quote.

Axis Contact Information

Axis Health is located in Minnesota at:

2356 University Avenue West, Suite 210

Saint Paul, MN 55114

The site also provides a map and directions to Axis’s headquarters.

They can be contacted through their email at or you can send them a message through their website by filling out your comment, choosing a contact person, and including your return email address.

Axis Careers

You can view career opportunities at Axis Health on their website under Employment Opportunities. Positions are listed with full job descriptions. You also have the ability to send your resume to Axis Health within the Employment Opportunities section.

Axis Customer Service

Axis provides its policyholders with customer service on their website. You have the ability to become part of their member forum and become involved in their member chat.

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Free Health Insurance Comparison

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